7 Dates Your Boyfriend Will Really Enjoy

1. Brewery Tour What guy doesn't like beer? Spend an afternoon sampling different brews and finding out how they are ...
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5 Netflix Shows You Should Be Binge Watching

1. Scandal If you’re looking for politics and sex look no further than Scandal. The political scene of DC has ...
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5 Easy Ways to Ruin Valentine’s Day

What a terrible day. Girls build up Valentine's Day in their heads all year round, so if it falls short, ...
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10 Silver Linings to Being Single on Valentine’s Day

For singles, it's the worst day of the year. Couples holding hands, everyone eating chocolate, people wearing pink and red...EW ...
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Questions Girls Want to Ask Guys (And Get the Honest Answers) But Can’t

If you were offered the chance to read minds, would you take it? Despite the consequences, I would. Girls in ...
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5 Movies That Should Be Turned Into Musicals

From Legally Blonde to Bring It On to The Lion King, movies have been being rethought for Broadway for years ...
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6 Trips Every College Student Should Take

Here's the thing about traveling: you either have time, but no money or have money, but no time. While most ...
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Top Guesses For Who Was the Drunk Shark at Super Bowl Halftime

Last night's Super Bowl had something for everyone: an exciting, down to the final minutes game, both funny and touching ...
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You Deserve It – 20 Excuses to Have a Glass of Wine Today

  1. It was a good day and you should celebrate. 2. It was a bad day and you need ...
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